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Eneri Concept

Irene Polinelli, born in Verona, Italy in 1995.

He began painting, creating and taking photographs from her childhood. After scientific studies, she studied and graduated with the best qualifications as a painter at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.

He lived between Verona, Venice and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, participating in exhibitions, events and art competitions.

In 2019 she moved to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria where she continued her studies: for a year she studied a photography course and a fashion course at the Art School of Gran Canaria, where the idea of creating a clothing line all her own was born and where she continued her experimentation in digital art.

Currently in Barcelona she finished in 2023 a postgraduate course in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication at EINA.

In her career creates different types of art: paintings on canvas, on clothes, paints murals, embroiders fabrics and canvases, creates digital illustrations , "analogical", collages, graphics design and manages social networks.

Between Gran Canaria and Barcelona she works as a freelance producing illustrations , graphic design, painting murals for individuals and locals/bar/restaurants, painting, drawing and training. It also develops the design of the image of different brands and carries in trade its own brand of clothing: Eneri concept, registered brand, founded in 2020.


Eneri concept, creada en Italia y cultivada en Canarias

....Y sobre todo que hubiera estado la dueña de su propio tiempo. Y aquí está, intentando llevar adelante sus sueños. ...
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